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Community Development

The Community Development Committee focuses on community service and providing for the community both at Brooklyn Law School and outside of it. The Committee serves three major functions:

1) collecting donations for various causes/community groups,

2) organizing service projects, and

3) planning discussions of important issues affecting our community.


If you have an organization seeking assistance or an idea for a project that needs volunteers, contact the Community Development Committee at

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Race and the Law 2022

Each year, BLSPI hosts a series of panel discussions, lectures, and trainings known as Race and the Law. The BLSPI Community Development Committee works with and supports other student organizations to host events throughout the week. This year's Race and the Law week is February 28-March 3, 2022. Students can access the full schedule and Zoom links on the Canvas page. Don't forget to follow our Canvas page for announcements and the full schedule!

Other Community Development Events


The Community Development Community's Public Service Day, organized the week before classes begin, can be one of the first bonding experiences 1Ls have together. The Committee organizes various drives and service projects each year. In conjunction with Phi Delta Phi, BLSPI hosts a blood drive in the fall and the spring. Around Halloween, BLSPI collects candy and donations to be distributed to local domestic violence shelters for children unable to leave the shelter to trick or treat. At Thanksgiving, BLSPI hosts a canned food drive where students donating cans can receive "immunity" from being called on in class for the day. Then in March, it hosts an annual fundraising bracket competition for March Madness to raise money for a charity involving children and the law.


Outside of collecting donations and raising funds, BLSPI also organizes various service projects. Typically, it hosts a project for incoming and current students during the school's Orientation Week in the fall and then participates in another project for MLK Day of Service. BLSPI hopes to continue to participate in these types of projects in the surrounding community.

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