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BLSPI Mentorship

BLSPI's Mentorship Program is one of the pillars of the public interest community at Brooklyn Law School. The Program pairs up first year students with upperclass students who have similar personal and professional interests and goals. Mentors are encouraged to help mentees navigate the public interest legal community by helping with things such as job applications, advice about classes, and general tips on how to survive (and thrive) in law school. Mentors and mentees also work together on pro bono projects,and in a variety of student organizations. 


Each year, the Mentorship Committee's programming includes a Mentorship mixer, a resume workshop, various programs preparing students for interviews and meeting employers, and an informational session about classes and clinics at the law school. The Mentorship Committee coordinates with the Office of Public Service Programs to provide support to students seeking public interest work.



Incoming students, particularly those wishing to engage in public interest work, may submit requests for mentors and answer a brief survey about their interests and goals. Former mentees and other upper class members of BLSPI are encouraged to serve as mentors and fill out a similar survey. The Mentorship Committee then works to pair mentors/mentees with similar interests and career goals. Throughout the rest of the year, the Mentorship Committee provides programming aimed to support first year students and to assist them in developing the skills needed to secure internships and careers in the public interest sector, as well as to foster a public interest community amongst first year and upper class students.


For more information on the Mentorship program or to learn how to become a mentor or mentee, email

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