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BLSPI's Pro Bono Projects

The Pro Bono Committee usually  organizes and oversees BLSPI’s pro bono projects. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 training and pro bono activities have been limited. Please contact our pro bono committee if you have any questions or concerns at

Additionally, the Pro Bono Committee and the Public Service Office at Brooklyn Law School plan and organize the bi-annual End of Semester Pro Bono Celebration to honor and celebrate the vibrant pro bono community across the BLS campus.

Learn more about past projects

Legal Information for Families Today:

LIFT was launched inside Manhattan Family Court in 1996, providing on-the-spot help at a table in the lobby where we answered questions and distributed original “know your rights” publications. Before LIFT, sources of information or guidance for self-represented families in the Family Courts were severely limited. Thus, the service LIFT offered was immediately in-demand and has been the basis for our organization’s growth ever since.

Today, LIFT operates innovative, award-winning programs in the Family Courts and in the community, all of which share the goal of promoting positive outcomes for families and children.

Community Justice Unit:

The CJU project, formally known as the Anti-Gun Violence Unit, aims at expanding its efforts in curbing violence throughout the five boroughs of NYC, incorporating various initiatives focused on community education and addressing the root causes of violence before they result in poor outcomes in the community. Through this project students will facilitate voting rights workshops throughout NYCs boroughs and help CJU expand their citywide voting rights initiative. Students will be trained on who is eligible to vote, how to register, who are electable officials, and the roles they play in our government. Once trained you can sign up to co-lead voting rights workshops, these workshops will take place over the summer and throughout the next school year.

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